"Web 2.0 doesn't exist" post kicks up a ruckus

"Web 2.0 doesn't exist" post kicks up a ruckus by ZDNet's Russell Shaw -- Man, did I raise a storm of controversy with my Web 2.0? It doesn't exist post[...]

Richard MacManus had similar sentiments as well.

It is exactly the reason why we started the Intentional web Initiative.

Expert-edited alternative to Wikipedia?

Larry Sanger, a co-founder of Wikipedia, plans to launch a project called Digital Universe that will take advantage of public input for its content but rely on acknowledged experts to edit the submissions.

Material will be free, with subscription fees for access to copyrighted materials. Sanger has raised $10 million in start-up funding.

This strikes me as a silly idea and a move in the wrong direction. Wikipedia was found to be mostly accurate compared to its closed brethren. Wikipedia in my view is fine as it is. It has its issues and as time goes it will evolve and get better.

BTW: The Register has had a minor axe to grind against Wikipedia in its articles. :)

Full Story.

Japan explores search engine development

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry has organized a study group of universities and electronics companies. The government reportedly is considering spending up to $885 million on the search-engine plan as part of its efforts to become more dominant online.

Full Story. launches

Just launched the intentional web, the presentation went well. We are just putting the finishing touches on Otavo which is set to launch Friday 16th.

We were tempted to pollute the Otavo logo with the word beta, but successfully resisted. Otavo is Otavo not Otavo Beta.

In Web 1.0 people put - 'under construction'
In Web 2.0 people put - 'beta'

Otavo is a new web service, and it comes with all the fun stuff you get when you launch a new service.

So for more hints on what Otavo is about look at The Intentional Web

Search Engine Optimization

I get asked, are SEOs actually good for anything?

Well, It depends.

Search engine optimizers help a site appear on search results that are relevant its content.

I recommend you find a SEO that:

  • is keeping up with the trends
  • you can get along with
  • is local or easy to communicate with
  • is open about the process and is happy to handle your inquires

It also helps to get yourself educated in some of the terminology that the SEOs like to use.

I personally like Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Watch site. It is packed with info that is free with some premium content. Read all the free stuff and then consider getting the membership.

The diamond age is upon us

Real big diamonds made real fast. Wow! ignoring the implications to the gem industry, this is great news for future computing technologies.

Pictures of the diamonds

Wired article on diamonds - I had read this article a while back...very intersting saga.

Who is on first? ...Parody "The Day After Tomorrow"

"The Day After Tomorrow" is a pardoy on abbot and costello's Who is on first? I saw this featured in the Toronto Star It was very funny.

Site Updated

Ok, site is back to life now. A few upgrades and patches.

will keep you posted.

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