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Tue, Mar 20 2018

Host Information - Why Join?

Welcome to CanVisit, a web site, availability and reservation system designed for small-scale accommodations. CanVisit strives to provide visitors with "the perfect place", matching their requirements to the best available small-scale property. It incorporates a role for Associations and the sharing mentality of small-scale hosts. CanVisit was started in Niagara-on-the-Lake by B&B hosts who extensively surveyed other small-scale accommodations to find out what they and especially their guests wanted in such a service.

  • The key advantages of the CanVisit system are as follows:
  • An information-rich and personalized web site.
  • An web based reservation system, accessible from anywhere.
  • A password protected "Home Office" page, which allows you to edit and update at any time.
  • Automated and individualized dual confirmations.
  • A method for groups to make bookings for their members.
  • A referral system between Hosts.
  • Complete control of the Host's "book" by the Host.
  • No setup charges for new members.

In summary, this could be your primary web site and the place where you run your entire business.

CanVisit Services

You may join CanVisit as an individual property, or as part of a small group or autonomous association. CanVisit was designed with Associations and groups in mind. Please contact admin@canvisit.com for information about special arrangements for Associations and groups or any additional details.

CanVisit Service Monthly Rates
Web Page with 1 main photo
Web Hosting
Photo Gallery with up to 10 photos
Home Office to manage your business
Bookings entered by Host
(through your "home office")
Online Booking Fee
(on total of all nights booked)
Additional Services Monthly Rates
"Check Availability" link
(From your outside web site to your CanVisit web site)
Personalized Web Address
(e.g. www.canvisit.com/sunshine)
An administration fee of $75 will be charged to re-activate a cancellation of all or any part of your CanVisit Service.
For Setup Assistance Email help@canvisit.com

There is simply nothing that provides you all the features above, especially considering our very affordable prices. Take a "test drive" today and decide for yourself.

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