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Tue, Mar 20 2018

Outaouais Bed & Breakfasts, Inns, Lodges and Cottages Directory

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Landmark: Gatineau, Place Aubry

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The Outaouais region, in southwestern Québec, welcomes visitors year round. The region's vast territory has two faces. On the banks of the Ottawa River, just opposite Ottawa's Parliament Hill, sits Gatineau (which includes Hull), a city peppered with green spaces. Its downtown hums with a vibrant nightlife, shows, major exhibitions and a host of other exciting activities. Just outside the city stands the forest, the pillar of the region's economy. This impressive natural arena boasts countless bodies of water, immense parks, and animal preserves. The city of GATINEAU sits at the confluence of the Outaouais (Ottawa) and Gatineau rivers. Gatineau is renowned for its festive, open spirit. Place Aubry, in the heart of downtown, is a favourite meeting place, with its sparkling fountain in the centre and border of boutiques and outdoor cafés. History buffs will not want to miss the Canadian Museum of Civilization which features exhibits on archeology, ethnology, the way of life of the indigenous peoples and handicrafts.

In picture-perfect splendor, MONTEBELLO sprawls along the shores of the rambling Ottawa River. Omega Park is an immense 1500 acre enclosed area. This unique concept in Quebec is to discover many species of animals in a natural habitat. A 10 km path winds its way through an extraordinarily varied landscape of lakes, meadows, small valleys, forests and rocky hills, however, the majority of touring is in your vehicle. Play a round of golf! Choose from one of the many courses,like Fairmont Le Château Montebello Golf Course rated Platinum by Canada Golf Course Magazine.

Nestled in a postcard-perfect setting between the Gatineau River and Gatineau Park, WAKEFIELD offers a wide variety of unique shops, cosy accommodations, recreational opportunities and gourmet dining. It's a home to artists and artisans, a sanctuary for nature lovers and a year-round "jumping off" spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

Fresh air and city living! Relaxation and adventure await you in the Outaouais!!


Gatineau's Place Aubry

The Canadian Museum of Civilization

A Golfers Paradise!

Omega Park, Nature up close!

Enter the charming Village of Wakefield