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Tue, Mar 20 2018

Manicougan Bed & Breakfast, Inn, Lodge and Cottage Directory

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Quebec - Northern QC - Manicougan (D) View Region Map
Landmark: Bergeronnes

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Visitors to the Manicouagan region will be impressed by its many facets, as varied as they are astounding. Manicouagan is definitely blessed by nature! This grandiose location, which saw the birth of an electrical empire, is dominated by the largest multiple arch dam in the world, the barrage Daniel-Johnson(Manic-5). This region covers an immense wilderness that is ideal for hiking, camping, scuba diving, sea kayaking, hunting, fishing and snowmobiling.

A unique ocean phenomenon! The cold waters of the Saguenay River that flow into the saltwater of the St. Lawrence River form an exceptional ecosystem where countless beluga and fin whales abound in the summertime. BERGERONNES interpretation centre is one of the best spots to observe these magnificent marine mammals close up. A top-choice destination for whale watching, sea kayaking and deep-sea diving, Bergeronnes will charm you with its history, its nature, its calm and its hospitality.

The aboriginals have left their mark in the Manicouagan region; to appreciate their art, drop by the Musee Amerindien et Inuit, in GODBOUT. You will also find a pottery workshop, an art gallery and a local arts and crafts boutique.

The forestry industry was crucial to the development of the North Shore, as evidenced by the Village forestier d?antan (old-time forest village)in FRANQUELIN. There is no better way to learn about forest life in the North Shore logging camps. The cookhouse even features traditional logging camp fare.

Wild yet accessible, Manicouagan welcomes visitors with incomparable warmth!


Bergeronnes Interpretation Centre

Cap-De Bon Desir

Musee Amerindien et Inuit

The Beach in Godbout

Daniel Johnson #5 Dam