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Tue, Mar 20 2018

Quebec Far North Bed & Breakfast, Inn, Lodge and Cottage Directory

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Landmark: Chibougamau

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Mere words cannot fully describe Northern Québec: the endless silence of the tundra, the fresh fragrance of the boreal forest, the stampeding caribou herds, the spectacular ballet of the northern lights and the parade of ice floes. The Inuit, Cree, Naskapi and a few non-natives share this land (half of Québec's surface area) with a fauna and flora that has adapted to the harsh conditions of this savage landscape. The immense rivers of Northern Québec are the site of colossal hydroelectric installations. On the Grande Rivière, there are eight generating stations, including the Robert Bourassa Generating Facility, the largest underground generating station in the world. The community of RADISSON is perched on a small hill at the very end of the James Bay Highway. Located in the heart of the La Grande hydroelectric complex, Radisson offers a full range of services and warmly welcomes tourists, fishing groups, hunters and lovers of the great outdoors.

NUNAVIK is Quebec's arctic region. A vast and virgin territory lying north of the 55th parallel; bordered by Hudson Bay to the west, Hudson Strait to the north and Ungava Bay and Labrador to the east. It is 507,000 km2 of truly wild tundra, taiga forest, scenic mountains, majestic rivers and countless lakes. Québec's Far North is renowned throughout the world for caribou hunting and Arctic char, Atlantic salmon, lake trout, walleye and northern pike fishing.

CHIBOUGAMAU is located in mountainous terrain, on the shores of Gilman Lake, near Aux Dorés and Chibougamau Lakes. First founded as a mining village in 1950, today, forestry employs as many people as the mining industry, and Chibougamau has become the main service centre for neighbouring communities.

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